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“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

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The Best At-Home Hair Color Brands & Hair Dyes in 2020

While the coronavirus pandemic has kept salons closed and would-be clients committing to #stayhome, maintaining dyed hair has become an at-home activity. While there’s much you can do to preserve your color, to start, the latest crop of DIY dye kits will help conquer gray streaks, dark roots and brassy blonde hues. For expert advice, the […]

The Zoom Date: Single Life During a Pandemic

There were two rules for the first-ever Zoom mixer of Here/Now, a curated dating company. The first: Don’t talk about work. The second: Don’t talk about quarantine.There was a technological glitch when the host announced this; her voice, once chipper, suddenly morphed...

How to Grow Out and Take Care of Pubic Hair, According to Experts

Whether you just plain want to, or are newly inspired with bikini waxes off the table as salons and spas remain closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no time like the present to embrace the full bush. But while the au natural look is back, it’s far more than a...

Jessica Chastain Delivers an April Fool’s Day Fashion Moment That Was Made for Social Distancing

As social distancing becomes key in slowing the spreading of COVID-19, celebrities have begun uploading content from their homes, both as a form of entertainment and a way of encouraging their followers to stay indoors. Many stars are beginning to refine their dance...

Wimbledon Has Officially Been Canceled in Response to Coronavirus Fears

The list of sports events canceled or postponed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic goes on; first it was the NBA season, then the Olympic Games, and now Wimbledon has been nixed due to “public health concerns linked to the coronavirus epidemic," according to the...

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Why You Should Still Be Wearing SPF While Working From Home

Why You Should Still Be Wearing SPF While Working From Home

Photographed by Craig McDean, Vogue, June 2018 As many of us are now working from home for an indefinite amount of time due to the Coronavirus outbreak, beauty routines have been adjusted and amended. With more of our hours spent indoors, you might think it practical to save the SPF for brighter days ahead. But […]

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7 Best New Books for April 2020

7 Best New Books for April 2020

The book industry, like most, has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, between book tours being canceled and indie bookstores laying off employees (although there is a scrap of good news on that front: Powell's Books in Portland was able to rehire 100 employees...

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Kate Moss Is Opening Up Her Wardrobe for COVID-19 Relief

Kate Moss Is Opening Up Her Wardrobe for COVID-19 Relief

While the past few weeks have seen many of fashion’s biggest conglomerates make million-dollar donations to aid the fight against COVID-19, others have been figuring what they can do to help on a smaller scale. Whether it’s emerging brands pledging to redirect their...

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Christopher Meloni Is Returning as Detective Stabler in a ‘Law and Order: SVU Spinoff’

The only cops I like are fake ones. Even dirty fictional police are easy to understand, driven by even dirtier superiors, poor character, the crucible of society’s disintegration. But the “good” cops on TV are a particular kind of fantasy; their dogged investigating and inviolable moral compasses keep millions tuning in week after week. Seeing […]

17 Gifts Ideas For Friends To Show Them You Care

Long before social distancing, a friend who lives across the country sent me a care package that contained a book and a thoughtful note. The unexpected thoughtfulness was more touching than many gifts I had received on occasions where they’re expected, like birthdays...

Moses Sumney Shares His Self-Isolation Style Philosophy

Moses Sumney is at his home in Asheville, North Carolina, where he lives alone, listening to the birds chirping outside. He had planned to be in Europe right now on a press tour for his new double album, grae, the first half of which was released at the end of...

Capri Holdings Donates Upwards of $3 Million to Coronavirus Causes

Capri Holdings, which owns Michael Kors, Versace, and Jimmy Choo, has announced that together its three brands will donate over $3 million to aid those impacted by coronavirus. “Our hearts and souls go out to those who are working on the front lines to help the world...

10 of the Best Pre-Code Movies to Watch

When the stock market crashed in October 1929, half the banks in America failed, and millions of people found themselves out of work. How did a desperate population cheer itself up? By going to the movies—the early years of the Depression coincided with a magical...

Fashion Facts

Eyebrows on fleek

Nowadays, any self-respecting fashionista will never leave her house without just the right makeup done. And when we talk about the right makeup, we mean flawless eyebrows. While bushy eyebrows are a trend today, fashionistas during the Renaissance period used to shave them off. Take Mona Lisa for example.

No models, dolls only

Since the 1500s, fashion designers show off their clothing line by creating a mini version to put on little dolls. There were no real, human models until 1853.

Skirts are an ancient fashion

Although still widely used today, skirts are the second oldest garment in history, predated only by the loincloth. Plus, skirts were not intended only for women. In fact, during 1600 to 1700s, both men and women wore them. You can even wear a bodyshaper under your skirt to look fit. Check out the Reviewscon Guide for amazing shape wear for women.

Denim fact

For over 7,000 years, cotton fabric was used for clothing. For one bale of cotton, 215 pairs of jeans can be made. The word “jeans” came from the cotton pants worn by the “Genes,” a local term used to describe sailors from Genoa. Meanwhile, the word “denim” most likely originated from a French material called serge de Nimes, meaning serge from the French seaside town of Nimes.

The first sneakers

During the late 1800s, people wore shoes with rubber soles called plimsolls, but they were crude. The US Rubber Company came up with more comfortable rubber shoes with canvas tops during 1892 and called it Keds. The shoes were named sneakers because the soles were so smooth that they allow the wearer to sneak around silently. By 1917, the sneakers began to be mass-produced.

The Marquis Converse also produced its first sneaker on the same year and called it Converse All-Stars, a shoe made just for basketball. It was endorsed by basketball superstar named Chuck Taylor, and the shoes became known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Buttons on jacket sleeves

It’s unlikely that a war dictator would contribute something to fashion. But during the Napoleonic wars, Napoleon Bonaparte ordered that his army’s uniforms must have brass buttons on the jacket sleeves to prevent his soldiers from wiping either their nose or mouth clean with their uniforms. Bonaparte must have cared so much about good hygiene. Nowadays, buttons on sleeves are retained as a design.

Lotus shoes

For a thousand years, the Chinese culture regarded small feet as beautiful and was necessary for women in order to get married and to have a better life. It was a common practice for them to bind women’s feet as early as five years old to keep their feet small. They used lotus shoes, which are small, triangular embroidered footwear used to show women’s pointy feet.

Since it affected their ability to walk, having lotus feet was a status symbol and is only practiced by the wealthy because they don’t need to work in the fields. Nowadays, it is utterly rejected in China, having the last lotus shoe manufacturer close it business in 1999.


Wearing black

During the 19th century, if you wear black and you weren’t mourning for the death of someone, you will be considered dangerously eccentric. The women of the Victorian era were expected to dress in black mourning clothes for two years after their husbands’ deaths, and that started the tradition of wearing black at funerals in the West.

British hat

The most remarkable item in British fashion is the hat, which they usually wear on formal occasions. It may be odd to see weddings and garden parties in the UK having guests with no hats. Ever wondered why? This fashion tradition started when Queen Elizabeth I mandated a law in 1571 that required anyone over the age of 7 to wear hats on Sundays and holidays. The queen must have loved hats so much that anyone who refused to follow her law would be fined.