WiFi is a part that can hardly be separated from our lives, especially for those who live in big cities and use wifi for large events. Therefore, you need to know how to use WiFi signal. Constraints to use WiFi are at the speed of access and signals that sometimes make us upset. You need to know that now has many WiFi devices and support devices that can deliver data access speed are very high.

However, if you have configured incorrectly, or incorrectly chosen the router, then super fast speed can be super slow. So what if you do not understand how to configure a WiFi router? Here are the tips:

  1. Choose the Right Channel

Do you know that the WiFi router has a channel? Sometimes changing channels can streamline your data access when using WiFi. This is because the difference in the number of signals that interfere with your WiFi signal, let’s say if you live in an apartment full of WiFi routers, then you should find a suitable channel so that your signal is not interrupted by other WIFi routers.

In addition, WiFi routers usually come with different frequencies ranging from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. If you live in a large house that has more than one floor, you should use a low-frequency WiFi router because the low frequency has a larger scope and the signal is more able to penetrate various obstacles such as walls. If you live in a small house, you should use a high-frequency WiFi router that offers faster data access speeds but with a smaller scope.

  1. Move Your WiFi Router to the Ideal Place

An ideal place for your WiFi router is a high place and is in the middle of the room or home. Position your WiFi router’s antenna towards the wall if you want your WiFi signal to pass through a wall. Never place a WiFi router close to a wall made of concrete because it will block your WiFi signal. You need to know that the main enemy of the WiFi signal is water and windows. So try not to put the WiFi router close to the water pipe, aquarium or plants (plants have water in it).

  1. Make sure your WiFi Network Attached Password

Setting a password on your WiFi means limiting the number of your WiFi users, and it will greatly affect your data access speed when using WiFi. Installing passwords will also protect you against other threats.

  1. Buying Router With Latest Technology

Maybe you’ll feel quite with the built-in WiFi router provided by your internet service provider, but it’s a good idea to buy your own router with the latest technology. Today’s sophisticated routers have a technology capable of sending signals directly to a device. In addition, WiFi router has a high speed, able to work in different frequencies, as well as various other smart technologies that will certainly make you more comfortable when using WiFi.

  1. Use Network Extender

This solution is a cheaper solution than buying a new WiFi router. With a network extender, WiFi signals will be able to reach places that are difficult to reach or beyond the reach of your WiFi signal. You can also use Las Vegas bandwidth service to meet your internet needs.

5 Ways To Make Your Wifi Faster