Trend fashion is always changing with the times. But basically the development trend is also separated on the personality of each individual. For tips on getting a loan, you can see it in

The times turned out to be not very influential on the 6 following fashion trends.

  1. ladylike

Ladylike Trend started by a French designer Christian Dior celebrated in 1947 and received public attention in 1950 when Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy introduced and made ladylike be one option to dress the women at that time.

Tips to use it this time: you can try ladylike fashion style today by combining a bandage wrap shirt or casual shirt with the little twirly skirts knee.

  1. Animal Prints

From the moment the colonization of Asia and Africa by the Europeans in the 18th century, in which the Europeans brought a lot of tiger skin, zebra and leopard of the colonies. Exotic patterns found in the animal’s skin became a trend in fashion that survive today. The pattern on the animal’s skin looks neutral colors like brown, gray and black so suitable for use in any circumstances.

Tips to use it this time: If you are concerned you will be “drowned” in a pattern of excessive skin, you can apply the pattern of animal prints in “doses” are few and combine it with patterned leather accessories are eye-catching.

  1. Menswear

Thanks to Coco Chanel, the designer who popularized the “pants” or slacks for women in 1920. He also made a jersey jackets and cardigans look more stylish and comfortable to wear. Why Menswear fashion style is still so popular today? Sharon Graubard, senior vice president of agency Style sight in New York City stated, Menswear impressed not only belong to a man, but in fact the opposite style is suitable for use in almost every shape and size and suitable for use in conditions of formal and non-formal.

Tips use today: Choose menswear with pieces that fit, not oversized. However creation with stitching pattern for a fun and feminine accent. Add jewelry that little “daring” and high heels are colorful and tuxedo that the impression of luxury.

  1. Minimalism

From the moment the French designer Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin make simple dresses in 1960, Halston continued in the 70s with a monochrome gown accented. But in the 90s was Miuccia Prada that optimizes the style by introducing simple shapes and ornaments that thin is still popular today.

Tips to use it today: You can use a simple dress with a patterned asymmetric hems and pieces that look sharp on the neckline. The combination of black and white will give the impression of a beautiful, minimalist and detail on your appearance, which means you do not need too many accessories.

  1. Floral

floral patterns have been found on kimono Japanese women around the year 794 and velvet Genoa in about the 1400s. We have always thought that the flower is a symbol of women and many other interpretations that make the floral pattern a trend that always lasted until today.

Tips use today: The pattern of flowers will make you look more “girly”. You want to combine a pattern? Make sure only one or two colors such as black or navy blue that looks more unified in a single pattern.

  1. Military

During World War II, civilians, including women wearing suits and coats suggested the government as daily wear. During the Vietnam war, the young men involved in the anti-war campaign wearing army jackets, cargo pants and other military clothing as a symbol of protest. Gradually, the style of dress has become a trend today. Besides military clothing looks more functional and resilient in many situations.

Tips use today: Remember, military clothing is just a way of dress, not a uniform. Note the detail of clothing but avoid too many ornaments which make it look more contemporary. Well, you can try one of the above fashion style and combine it with the style of dress today. You also can make the dress inspiration for many activities. Calm down, a trend that you use will never be outdated and will remain always trendy as long as you are smart mix and match clothing and accessories.

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