A Guide to Fertilization and Mulching

Many homeowners leave the care and maintenance of their lawn to professional lawn maintenance services which take care of everything from mowing, trimming and other needs of your lawn, and since this job was delegated to them, they don’t feel the need to tell you everything that your lawn needs to spare you the trouble.

Home owners naturally desire everything that is good for their lawn and so if your lawn professional tells you that it is time to fertilize then you would readily agree because fertilization is good for your grass so that it will be lush and green with all the nutrients supplied. Your lawn maintenance professional have different choices for fertilizer including the granular types which releases slowly and is not needed often, the liquid fertilizer for quick results, the inject gaseous types or those mixed in your irrigation system, and since it doesn’t matter to you much what they use, you are okay with anything that will make your turf look healthy and green. And whatever the composition of the fertilizer may be, be it nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium with minerals that is lacking in your soil in varying grades, you do not quite mind at all because this is the main reason why you have hired the professionals in the first place. They are the ones in charge of it.

While you know that mulching conserves soil moisture and aids in suppressing weeds, you don’t really need to know its fundamentals.
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What I am trying to say is that there are things that you need not worry about or things that you need to be knowledgeable at, in order for you to rightly evaluate your lawn maintenance provider.
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The important things that you need to know before signing a lawn maintenance contract is seen below.

Being concerned with how your choices impact the environment is important to most conscientious homeowners. There are many home owners who become very noisy about the effects of various products such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides when it comes it its effects in the environment. The impact on your ecosystem of the products used should be a concern to you. The kind of product that your lawn needs is not enough. It must be the kind of product that ensures that the local ecosystem is not adversely affected and it is safe for children and pets to enjoy the lawn anytime.

To prevent disease, weed control and insect damage, make sure that prevention or preventive measures are done so that there is quick treatment as soon as you see the signs instead of waiting for the problems to blow up and damage our grass. Don’t rely on your service provider when it comes to these important issues, make sure that preventive measures are done before something goes wrong.

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