The digital space allowed viewers to see the queens prepare in real-time, like applying stick-on nails: clear for Juku, and a long square shape in a lacquer of lime green for Dakota. (The two passed nail glue between screens.) In the split-screen visuals, the two were also able to merge their faces together. To the yodely, old-timey style opening tune of “Vokaliz” by Enot, Dakota’s mouth sang while Juku eyes cartoonishly mimicked her mouth. Later there were hip-swiveling renditions of Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” pouty face filters one of which read “Promote Homosexuality” on the forehead, and shot-taking, which according to Dakota, tasted like wintergreen rubbing alcohol. All the while, except for sets, users were able to weigh in. “Screaaaaam,” “Biiiiiitch,” and “Luv from Europe” were some of the more enthusiastic comments.

While social media is currently serving as a way to bring people together, it also allows the queens of Oops! to continue to financially support themselves. Dakota is a full-time drag queen and also models under her drag identity. “It is really cool that we are able to give a platform to people where this might be their only income for a while,” says Dakota. “This is our main source of income and it is a scary time for people who work in the service industry who work in nightlife. This situation has highlighted how precarious our work is in this world.” Users were able to send tips through Paypal ([email protected]) and Venmo (@oopsgirls).

Tips aside, which will no doubt going to help the queens during these trying times, Dakota emphasizes that one of the main takeaways is that they are able to connect with people from further-flung places than they typically would be able to. “We are connected through Instagram and we are connected to people who aren’t normally at our shows,” says Dakota. “We have a Wednesday night show that might be kind of cliquey, and have people who work 9-to-5 at our regular show. We have a dedicated following that is pretty packed, but we get to bring in people who are normally working and wouldn’t go out on a night like tonight.” It’s far from the end, too, and Oops! will hold another set next week. In other words, the show must go on.

Tune in next week on Wednesday, March 25 at 10 p.m. by following @iamwestdakota and @harajukubk.

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