The Significance of an Engagement Ring and Its Various Designs Couples who are taking their relationship to a more serious level would make the engagement ring as a symbol of their new commitment. Nowadays, receiving an engagement ring would signify that the couple is ready for the next step in their relationship which is marriage. It was in the 19th century that the beginning of engagement ring came into practice. But the engagement ring was not always a symbol of affection for the woman but a kind of insurance to the woman in place of her virtue and appeal to other men, just in case the man who gave the ring will back out from his relationship. It was in the 20th century when the engagement ring was used for its true meaning and symbol of love. A man today gives an engagement to the woman of his love to show his commitment to marry her, and when the woman wears the band, it would signify her readiness to this serious relationship. It is believed that the fourth finger of the left hand has a vein that flows directly to the heart which symbolizes love, and thus this is where usually the engagement ring is placed. The original practice of an engagement ring was to make it out of silver or iron band without any decorations, but later on became commercialized and a big business that brought the rings to a higher level of expense.
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It was suggested that men have to spend no less than their two months of their income every month just to be able to get that beautiful ring for their beloved partner, and this took a new signal to engagement rings. Modern engagements today is symbolized by the ring, with style and design that is supposedly will add glamour to the relationship, and this paves the way to a new business in jewelry.
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Nowadays, the jewelry market is offering different designs of engagement rings, with the band made of gold, platinum or silver, and the band laced with some precious gem stones to make the ring more beautiful and pricy. The market is now flooded with various kinds of engagement rings. The first engagement ring is said to be the classic engagement ring that is made of a band and a gem stone. Some engagement rings have side stones that inserted into the sides of the band and you can choose the metal material to your taste and budget. There is the so-called three stone rings or the trinity ring that has a romantic history of its own, with the three stones on the band, taking the meaning as present, past and future of the couple’s time together and maybe for eternity. The design of the ring is made of platinum band with three exquisite gemstones of your choosing.

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