To showcase the bijoux, Buhai, along with her longtime collaborator, photographer Gillian Garcia, and a small crew, took over the Health House to shoot a 90-second film. In it, Camilla Deterre, playing the part of a Mrs. Lovell, if you will, goes about her daily routine of sipping water green with chlorophyll, chopping mushrooms for lunch, and lounging in the sun-strewn sitting room sans blouse. They are, in other words, simple, peaceful moments that provide ample inspiration for anyone currently in quarantine.

“It’s an odd coincidence that the video is somehow fitting for the current situation of self-isolation,” Buhai muses from the Silverlake bungalow that she shares with her husband and two children. “All the things that Camilla does in the film—reading, reflecting, eating canned sardines—are now sort of the new everyday”—even if only in an idealized world, adds the designer. She admits that her own experience social distancing—as she home-schools her toddler daughter and looks after her eleven-month-old son, all the while running her business from her living room—is far “less picturesque.”

Nevertheless, this is an opportunity to slow down, says Buhai, who finds respite on her porch, where she looks out on the vast city and takes a deep breath as the California sun rises and sets on its story-filled homes. “In these times we all need to find a bit of beauty and inspiration to keep us sane.”

Below, a look at Sophie Buhai’s fall 2020 video.

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