I think that the Coronavirus pandemic has really triggered a lot of other mental health things for myself and other people. [Making the site] was a pleasant distraction—because, also, some of the stories are so fucking funny.

Yeah, it has a very “we’re all in this together” feel to it. Everyone around the world is dealing with social distancing and quarantining on a macro level and a micro level. Which can also be, uh, petty.

Globally, things are obviously very serious. But I also think the effects this will have on people’s personal lives will be collectively extreme…if you’re co-quarantined with someone and you guys go through crazy shit and break up because of it, that’s a major life adjustment regardless of what’s happening to the rest of the world. Two truths can exist at once.

I read an article that in one Chinese city, all these couples filed for divorce after quarantine was over.

Oh, yes, I read that too.

I’m seeing some people saying online, if you can’t actually get along with your spouse or your kids during this, you’re in a bad relationship. But when you’re living in your house 24/7 with people who see you at your worst, also with Zoom calls, and if you have children, trying to teach them social studies, there’s bound to be major tension.

And you can’t leave!

You can’t leave. And there was this one story in particular, it’s about a girl and her boyfriend fighting over limes. It’s a fight over literally nothing, but it symbolizes so much more. Those are the fights I think that people get into when they’re living on top of each other and not getting any space.

What are some other favorite posts?

We got one this morning from a woman complaining about her hormonal 12-year-old daughter. She wrote: “I’m not a teacher and there’s a reason I don’t homeschool my kids.” Think about all these stay-at-home parents who are suddenly signed up for this job that they’re neither qualified for nor want. She said, “Thank God she has an iPad to communicate with her boyfriend, at least that gives us a few hours of a day with some peace.” I was like, this is the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

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