Along with advances in technology, the trend of online shopping in Indonesia is also increasing every year. Currently Internet users in Indonesia touch the figure of 70 million more, and it makes the proliferation of online stores that provide a wide range of products. For loans tips, you can see at

Almost all the current needs we can buy or get it online, it is increasingly attracting the interest of potential consumers to shop online because it is more practical to simply access via the gadget or smartphone that supports features for browsing on the Internet.

Currently in Indonesia is not too difficult for us to know some trusted online store and best visited by Internet users to shop online because we’ve seen their ads in the electronic media.

But as a consumer, if you like shopping online rather than on some online stores that I mentioned above earlier, then we must be careful because not a few who take advantage of this situation by opening an online store only as a cover for fraud.

Starting from products that are not shipped after payment or fraud by providing products that are not in accordance with the previous agreement. Well here are some tips for safe online shopping fraud

7 Tips for Online Shopping

1. Expand (collect) Information
To avoid fooled into buying products with high prices, then you should be diligent browsing to collect and compare prices on the online store A to B, C and others. It could be the difference in prices among online stores differ greatly.

2. Knowing Reputation Online Store
For this you can know from previous buyers comments, or to find out by reading the reviews on the online store you want to visit the forums and reviews on their blogs or personal websites ever perform transactions on the online store.

3. Check the contacts / No. Telephone
It is certain at any online store have several call center phone number in order to serve the prospective buyers, to ascertain whether you can try to directly call the number.

4. Read the Engineered Product Description
Make sure the product you want to buy a really correspond to that of the samples, and be sure to return to CS online store that the price to be paid is for the product as they offer (display).

5. Save the Proof of Payment (transaction)
This proof of payment so you will need in case of problems in the future, ranging from proof of transfer, email, details of the products you buy as well as evidence of other transactions.

6. Payment Method
Learn how or system of payment for each transaction used by the online store, and choose the safest way.

7. Looking Recommendations
Do not be embarrassed to ask questions or ask for a recommendation on other people or friends you’ve made a purchase (transaction) in an online store and ask also how to service them. Until you can choose which one feels could give the best service.
Hopefully, a brief review of safe online shopping tips to avoid scams above can help you who want to conduct online transactions on the Internet.

Lest you be disappointed because expectations would like to get the desired goods in fact the opposite is true, the goods did not come, your money was floated.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping on the Internet