A Formula on How To Control Hunger During Weight Loss.

Hunger control issues mostly come about due to lack of success in previous attempts to lose weight. Many people who are in hunt of weight loss do think that whatever they were eating before is no longer relevant. Suprisingly retaining individual diet works well in hunger control. Many people who want to lose weight are advised to remain in a caloric deficit for many weeks. However this caloric deficit many bring effects like hunger pangs.

The ghrelin, leptin and insulin hormones control eating instincts. When metabolism and absorption in the body is done and there is no more food to digest insulin level goes down. Now that there is no longer food to be metabolized and all nutrients have been transported to cells for use courtesy of insulin, ghrelin level rises. Ghrelin turns on hunger feeling. On eating leptin level shoots up and raises the feeling of satisfaction. Now while in caloric deficit ghrelin level increases making you feel hungry often. Satisfaction after the meal is very low you still feel the need for more as leptin functions poorly. The levels of insulin in the body remains considerably low.

Now we need to come up with strategies to be able to beat hunger and still retain our diets. Below is a simplified formula for beating hunger.
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First and foremost always consider indulgence of proteins in your meals as a basic source of a better part of your energies. Proteins when consumed, they make the working of leptin more effective.Leptin hormone levels increases in the body on consumption of proteins An individual in pursuit of weight loss, therefore, should make proteins part of their every meal as a plan to control hunger during the process.
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Good amounts of fiber also plays well. Fibre goes through the body undigested absorbing water in the gut. A basic function of fibers in the body is to prevent constipation. Fibers increases satiety according to research by trusted sources. Fibers brings satisfaction after a meal.

One should not restrict carbohydrates from being in their diets. Scientific knowledge has it that low carbohydrates reduce daily circulation of leptin. On the other hand good quantities of carbohydrates helps raise leptin level and also ensure speeding up the 24h circulation of leptin.High consumption of carbohydrates speeds up daily circulation of leptin. This what one is able to turn off hunger.And due to this hunger is controlled Ironically and opposite of the expectation of many is that large quantities of carbohydrates taken solve hunger mystery.

To the surprise of many sleep is part of the hunger control formula. Inadequate sleep causes more hunger because ghrelin works at its best whereas leptin functions poorly. Hunger control becomes a dilemma when one does not have enough and recommended amount of sleep. A normal adult should get at least seven hours of good sleep.Adults require seven to nine hours of normal sleep to avoid negative effects that come as a result of sleep deprivation of which is hunger.To normal adults wanting weight loss they should see to it that they spend at least eight hours of every day while sleeping.

Also eating slowly controls hunger. This makes a relevant strategy on controlling hunger during weight loss.

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