The Ultimate Boho Chic Guide

Are you the kind of girl who loves to add a personal touch to your own look? Are you an avid fan of patterns, beauty, and nature? If your answer happens to be a yes to the preceding questions, then you are a boho chic by heart. Boho chic is one of the most practical ways of looking good with its dreamy designs as well as whimsical shapes.

In order to achieve the boho chic look, be sure to have the following key pieces with you.

Maxi skirts: This piece of cloth is an essential to every potential boho chic. Every self-professed boho chic will never deny the fact that their wardrobe is filled with floaty maxi skirts. Maxi skirts are the key to achieving any look that is boho chic inspired. This is why you should have a few of them always present in your wardrobe.

When choosing an ideal maxi skirt, it is important that you go for pieces that are not too poofy or voluminous because this will just be impractical when you are with nature. Make sure as well that they look good when paired with other clothing. To achieve the cool and effortless free-spirited look, make sure to wear your maxi skirt with anything from your cute camisole to your favorite band tees.

Ankle boots: Typically, boho girls around the globe are making use of comfortable, cute, and neutral-colored boots. This does not come as a surprise at all because of their characteristics of being attractive, comfortable, and exceedingly versatile. Whatever clothing you have in mind from maxi skirts to skinny jeans, ankle boots will sure look good in everything. Whether you are joining a protest march you believe or just dancing your night away at Glastonbury, your feet will always remain comfortable with them.

Hair bands: If you see boho girls, if they are not rocking long sexy braids, then you just see their long hair flowing freely. Once their hair is down, then they always have their ties, bandanas, and headscarves with them. Now, if you really want to stand out in any special occasion, change your trusted head scarf to a flower hair crown. You will most definitely impress every bit of those hippie boys that you cannot seem to stop drooling over.

Maxi dresses: When it comes to attending festivals, boho girls do not want to spend most of their time getting themselves ready. This is the reason why it always comes handy to have at least one maxi dress with prints in your wardrobe. You can simply wear them and pair them off with a headband or a pair of sunglasses.

Sandals: Naturally, a lot of boho girls want to walk barefoot on the streets, but this is not practical. This is why if you do not want to ruin your feet, then get a pair of gladiator sandals that is a perfect accessory to your shorts, jeans, and maxis and can let you show off your pedicure.

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